Can Cryptocurrency Investors Influence the Elections? Coinbase Report!

The largest cryptocurrency exchange in the USA coinbase He shared the results of his research in a blog post today.

Pointing out that crypto has been adopted by many people in the USA, Coinbase stated that there are 52 million users in the USA. cryptocurrency its owner to nine key states (Arizona, California, Georgia, Illinois, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin) He said he had launched an effort to become a strong force in the 2024 elections with intense focus.

Stating that Coinbase launched a research earlier this year to understand Americans’ attitudes towards the financial system, the exchange stated that US citizens overwhelmingly want change.

Coinbase research data showed that 1 in 5 adults in America owns cryptocurrency, which corresponds to 52 million Americans in total and they form a strong group.

Nearly nine in ten Americans, or 87%, believe the financial system needs to change, and 51% of Americans believe America’s financial system does not operate fairly for everyone, the data shows.

By contrast, only 14% of Americans said they were optimistic about the future of the financial system.

“Nearly nine in ten Americans believe it is time to update the financial system, but progress is slowing due to resistance from those in power who embrace the status quo and legacy systems that limit economic freedom and opportunity for ordinary Americans.

Today, we are launching an effort to make 52 million cryptocurrency holders—younger and more diverse than the entire U.S. population—a powerful force heading into the 2024 elections, with a concentrated focus on nine key states.

Cryptocurrency needs clear and sensible legislation. The current “sanctions only” approach puts jobs, innovation and global leadership at risk.

At this point, we’re asking more than 52 million crypto owners and advocates to use their voices to support crypto.

Stand with Crypto Alliance does this through a 14-month campaign that includes three elements…. “

*This is not investment advice.

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