Boeing Starliner’s First Manned Test Flight Postponed

The flight of Boeing Starliner, which NASA has been waiting for a long time to perform manned test flights, has been postponed again.

Civil aviation space studies Boeing It doesn’t go quite as desired. The company has a problem starliner The capsule was expected to take part in human tests this weekend, but this was not the case at all. The launch scheduled for this weekend has also been postponed. Moreover, it did not go unnoticed that this time no new date was given for the new launch.

Boeing Starliner, SpaceX’s Dragon vehicle It is a capsule intended to be an alternative and is intended to be used to transport astronauts and equipment between the Earth and the International Space Station. However, the development process of the vehicle cannot be completed due to successive malfunctions, delays and problems. Things have not been going well for the capsule, which failed to reach the ISS in the first unmanned attempt in 2019.

The first cancellation was two hours before departure.

Boeing’s first flight takes off just two hours before It had been cancelled. On the other hand, in this case, the problem did not arise in the capsule but in the Atlas V rocket that would carry it. Test flights were postponed many times due to the leak in this rocket. Finally, the launch on May 25 was also canceled.

No date has been given yet for the new launch and Statement from NASA It was stated that the teams will hold meetings for two days and discuss the flight, system performance and redundancies. In the statement made by the institution, it was stated that the safety of astronauts is a priority.


NASA Announces the Third Astronaut to Take Part in the Boeing Starliner-1 Mission

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