BMW i5 M60 Touring in Turkey: Here is the Price

BMW brought its electric station wagon model i5 M60 Touring to Turkey. You have to spend a small fortune to own a vehicle that delights you with its features.

From the German automobile giant BMW, in our country station wagon A move has come that will delight the fans. The company introduced the electric station wagon model i5 M60 Touring. brought to the Turkish market announced. However, those who want to own this luxury car will have to spend a small fortune.

The i5 M60 Touring, which has a very stylish design, is similar to the original i5. largely the same design. In this context; In the vehicle, which has very harsh lines, we encounter a kidney grille and increasingly thinner LED-supported headlights. At the rear of the vehicle, there is a pattern that BMW prefers in its new generation cars. lighting design welcomes us.

Introducing the BMW i5 M60 Touring

The interior design of the BMW i5 M60 Touring also looks unique. full digital The car hosts a huge infotainment screen placed on the same panel as the display screen.M SeriesIt also includes design details designed for.

BMW i5 station wagon

The station wagon version of the BMW i5 is like a car under the hood. the monster is hiding. A pair of electric motors placed on the front and rear axles of the vehicle produce 601 horsepower and 800 Nm of torque. The range of the car, which completes 0-100 km/h acceleration in just 3.9 seconds, is up to 500 kilometers It offers range. The maximum speed of the car was announced as 230 km/h.

BMW i5 M60 Touring Türkiye price:

BMW i5 M60 Touring

Engine-Fuel Hardware-Gearbox Price
i5 M60 xDrive, Electric M, Automatic 6,619,200 TL

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