Bitfinex Whale Expects a Fall: He Closed His Long Position of 8 Thousand Bitcoins!

Whales holding long positions in Bitcoin (BTC) on the cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex began to close their positions after months.

Bitcoin long positions on Bitfinex are approximately 6 month old after the process a significant decrease saw. According to data provided by on-chain analysis platform Datamish, cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex 8,018 BTC long The whale, which opened the position and carried it for months, closed its position with a high profit.

Data November On Bitfinex since approx. 13,400 BTC long It revealed that the position was closed. On the other hand, Bitfinex is still More than 80,000 Bitcoin longs The position continues to remain open. On the other hand, in the stock market only 807 BTC short (short) There is a directional position.

With the last positions closed, approximately Long volume of 90 thousand Bitcoins continuing for 6 months It fell below this level for the first time in a long time and reached the 80 thousand level.

These closed positions were taken by the whales, taking advantage of the rise in price. started to make a profit While it is interpreted as a long transaction worth millions of dollars that is still open, The upward trend continues is showing.

According to CoinGecko data, in the last 24 hours 0.5% Bitcoin losing value at the time of writing from $37,900 is being traded.

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