Bitcoins Are Changing Hands Among Investors: Who Is More Dominant?

In parallel with the rises in the cryptocurrency market, millions of dollars of Bitcoin (BTC) changed hands.

Offered by on-chain analysis platform Santiment to data With the approval of spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) about a month ago, changes were seen in the distribution of Bitcoin.

Data More than 1,000 Bitcoins the amount of wallet holding in the last month 147 pieces increased, that is, proportionally 7.4% increase revealed that it happened.

As Bitcoins Shift towards Big Whales 1 to 1,000 BTC number of wallets holding 1,237 decrease seen. When looked at proportionally, these wallets 0.1% decrease saw. Additionally, the number of small investors holding less than 1 Bitcoin also decreased during this period. According to the data, wallets belonging to the class in question decreased by 509 thousand, proportionally down to 1% It came across.

Bitcoin holdings shifting from small investors to large investors a bull signal Purchases made by institutional investors, especially with the approval of the spot Bitcoin ETF began to change the balance in the market.

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