Bitcoin SV Requests The Miner Manipulating The Network To Be Stopped!

Bitcoin SV (BSV) a Swiss-based non-profit organization that supports blockchain Bitcoin (BTC) Association, He requested a miner from cryptocurrency exchanges to be blocked.

Bitcoin Association, Bitcoin SV It demands that the miner be blocked, stating that the miner who produces empty blocks on it acts maliciously.

The Bitcoin Association also said it will file a criminal complaint against the miner, claiming that the miner deliberately attacked the network to disrupt economic activity.

“This miner has been mining BSV since 2020. Until June of this year, this miner did not take any suspicious action to gain unfair advantage. But after June it started to approve empty blocks, among other suspicious behavior.

It has been steadily increasing hash rates on the chain for months. The Bitcoin Association has been tracking this miner for months.

This miner ignores tens of millions of paid transactions, generating empty blocks that will cause tension on the network.”

Bitcoin Association Stating that they describe the production of empty blocks as malicious behavior, he stated that such behaviors negatively affect honest miners and businesses that are part of the network.

What is Bitcoin SV?

Bitcoin SV (BSV), Bitcoin Cash It is a cryptocurrency created by forking the blockchain.

BSVwhich was revealed towards the end of 2018, aims to reduce transaction fees.

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