Bitcoin Open Options on Deribit Surpassed the Bullish Period: It is at the Top with 15 Billion Dollars!

Bitcoin open interest rate on Deribit, the world’s largest cryptocurrency options exchange, has reached an all-time high.

Based on data provided by Deribit 15 November day on the platform Bitcoin (BTC) open positions amount all time high the one which… to 15 billion dollars rose. This increase in open positions was interpreted as an indicator of increasing interest in option markets and full liquidity.

Open position data on the platform September since the end from two floors increased too much. The data in question Bull market in October 2021 in the days 14.36 billion While it was hovering around the dollar, this level was broken after a long time.

Open position refers to the total number of option contracts that have not yet been exercised. It is understood that when there is an increase in open position data, investors create new contracts specific to the parity in question and add them to their existing contracts. on Deribit one option contract one bitcoin represents.

Making a statement on the subject, Deribit Commercial Affairs Manager Luuk StrijersHe emphasized that for the first time, the volume in Bitcoin options exceeded the volume in Bitcoin futures:

Total open interest in Bitcoin options exceeded Bitcoin futures for the first time. This change shows that the market is maturing and increasing in complexity. This development underscores the growing preference for options as a strategic tool among investors; whether for the purpose of taking a position, hedging, or taking advantage of the recent increase in prevailing volatility. This is clear evidence of the evolving complexity of the market.

Deribit 25 billion dollars global options market hosting 87% of It is in a leading position.

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