Bitcoin Miner Restores Nasdaq Listing Compliance, Share Price Rises!

The share price soared after Bitcoin (BTC) miner Argo Blockchain (ARBK) restored Nasdaq listing compliance.

Argo Blockchain keeps the price of its shares above $1 for 10 consecutive days on Nasdaq complied with the conditions and listing compatibility won again. Nasdaq, the price of shares on December 16 in a row Under $1 for 30 days He warned against Argo Blockchain because it remained stable and declared that all transactions would be terminated if $1 stability on the shares could not be achieved. Nasdaq also gave Argo its listing privileges back. Until June of 2023 time had known.

shares London Stock Exchangein (LSEG) traded in Slang In the statement made by the share price, the 10 days along your 1 dollar on the Nasdaq on January 13. listing compatibility you have fulfilled declared.

Argo Blockchain last month opened a facility to avoid filing for bankruptcy under Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy DigitalHe had decided to sell it. As a result of this agreement, the trust and interest in the company increased and the share price started to rise.

on December 30 over 1 dollar emerged and has maintained its upward momentum ever since. ARBK, of Nasdaq after achieving listing compliance from 12% experiencing a high rise 2.03 dollars reached until. ARBK, at the time of writing from $1.94 is being traded.

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