Bitcoin Highlight That Scares Students: 8 People Robbed With Knife!

Keeping financial information confidential and secure is important! A recent report said that a student from the University of Kent in London was robbed on his own campus for $93,000 in Bitcoin. This student was just a freshman when he raided the dorm room of eight robbers and asked for his crypto credentials. According to the information received, after this terrible event, the student immediately left the campus and returned to his home. The incident was covered up for a while and the student’s parent complained about not being able to make his voice heard…

The amount of stolen Bitcoin is currently worth $ 93,000

A recent report says that a London university student was robbed with a knife for his Bitcoin. In addition, this student attended the University of Kent and left campus immediately after the incident. According to the student’s mother, her son briefly discussed cryptocurrencies with his friend. The discussion has moved from finance to cryptocurrency. Later, this so-called friend wanted to bring more of his friends from East London to the student’s room. He said he knew immediately that his son was in trouble when eight more arrived.

These “thugs” raided the student’s dorm room and then demanded their crypto credentials and passwords at knife point. The student’s Bitcoin (BTC) capital was worth $8,200 at the time. But now, the same amount equates to $93,000. Not only that, the bandits also stole £3,000 worth of school grant money. In addition, the student immediately called the police and ran to security, but the guards did not even go to the scene. Anne added that the police never showed up because they had “more important matters to deal with that night.” Additionally, he emphasized:

The only precaution the university took was to move him to a different accommodation. He was very traumatized, so he went back home even though he had safer and better accommodation.

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The family never got the money back

Moreover, the police started investigating the case eight months later. The mother was greatly disappointed when Kent’s security guards and even the police did not respond. He also detailed that he warned other first-year students that they could experience the same thing:

Police often call Freshers’ Week ‘fishing week’ because all the criminals land on the field. They know students have scholarships, laptops and new stuff. Assaults and robberies are quite common.

Finally, it is not wise to tell anyone about your crypto credentials unless you trust them. Bitcoin (BTC) scams and heists are already rampant over the years and are on the rise due to the rapid growth of cryptocurrencies. Always be alert and be mindful of who you share such information with.

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