Binance Marked December 15th for the Coin Production Suspended by the USA!

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, announced that it will cut BUSD support soon.

Binance stablecoin BUSD He announced that he would part ways with him soon. Shared by Borsa on Wednesday, November 29 official In the announcement, BUSD support It will end on December 15 place was given. However, users can transfer their BUSD They can continue to use it until February 2024 specified.

In his announcement As of December 31 BUSD Withdrawals will be stopped As a reminder, Binance will automatically cancel the remaining BUSD balances at this point. FD121 Ltd. is a stablecoin issued by will be converted to FDUSD he stated.

on the other hand BUSD in spot markets All cryptocurrencies that can be bought and sold with trading pairs also As of December 11 will be phased out. In this process, all open transactions for the relevant trading pairs are recorded. in spot orders will be invalidated by the exchange.

Issuer of BUSD Paxos In February of this year, Pressure from US regulators He declared that he would end the issuance of BUSD as a result. Binance, which made the necessary investigations after this decision, August In 2020, he said he planned to “gradually” end BUSD support by February 2024.

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