Binance In “Negotiations” With Wealth Funds About Investment

Trying to improve its relationship with regulators around the world, Binance is also negotiating with some wealth funds in this process.

Speaking to the Financial Times, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao said that some countries are using wealth funds without explaining which ones. in conversation said they were.

Zhao, Binance receive investment from wealth funds of the regulators against Binance. “Perceptions and Relationships” He thinks he can get better.

It was withdrawn from the Chinese market in 2017 after its establishment in China and without any head office Binance, which operates a business, has received warnings from many regulators in Asia, Europe and North America for various reasons this year.

One of the steps of Binance, which has started to focus on legal compliance studies, is a new set up a central office it will be.

Although Changpeng Zhao thinks that investing in wealth funds can help in this regard, “But this can connect to specific countries which is where we want to be a little careful.” added your comment.

Image: Changpeng Zhao in Istanbul (Koin Bulletin archive)

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