Big Step For Android Users’ ‘Privacy’

In a statement today, Google introduced the project called Privacy Sandbox, which aims to protect the privacy of Android users. So how will this system protect users? Details are here.

Privacy is perhaps one of the things we need most right now. The privacy of many people, due to the data collected by the smartphones and computers I use, social media and other applications, they are being violated without even realizing it.

Apple has been bringing new regulations in this regard since iOS 14, but the Android front has not taken any steps other than minor changes. According to what Google announced today, the company is committed to the privacy of its users’ personal data. will switch to a new system.

The privacy of users will be protected with the Privacy Sandbox project

Anthony Chevez, head of Android’s Security and Privacy division, announced that they are working on a new project to enable Android users to protect their privacy. Privacy Sandbox Project This system, called this system, will allow 3rd party applications and sites to collect minimal information about users and will radically change the use of cookies.

Many applications and websites used different cookies to collect different information from users. Aiming to prevent this system, Google announced that it will protect the privacy of its users by developing a system that will review and track cookies requested from users.

Most of the cookies used by 3rd party sites and applications are users’ passwords, IP addresseswas storing important information such as MAC information. If these cookies were seized, users’ devices could be hacked and all their personal information could be leaked to the internet.

So how will this new system work?

The Privacy Sandbox system, developed by Google since 2019, stores these cookies in one place and controls where the cookie came from. After this check the safe one Cookies are accepted inside the sandbox. Sandbox cookies itself as if it was a real phone and thereby protecting the actual operating system and device.

Users create in Privacy Sandbox Advertising ID (advertising ID) without entering personal information using different names and information able to protect their own privacy. In this way, both companies collect their cookies without any problems, and users do not have to worry about their privacy.


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Chevez announced that they will start testing this system with users towards the end of 2022. If the tests give positive results 3rd quarter of 2023 We can see this feature with the new Android version.

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