Big Claim: Is the Giant Market Maker Manipulating Prices? Here are Altcoin Investments!

Giant market maker Wintermute harshly criticized its rival DWF Labs for price manipulation.

Wintermute co-founder Yoann Turpin spoke harshly about DWF Labs in an interview at the Token2049 event in Singapore. Turpin, who did not explicitly mention DWF Labs in his criticism, but targeted the market makers with implicit insinuations, said that such actors, instead of adding liquidity, blatantly manipulate the market He stated that he did.

Turpin, rival company DWF Labs By manipulating the prices of cryptocurrencies in which he invested while accusing this behavior of a series of actions exhibited by the rival company. your unethical attitude He claimed he was part of it.

According to DWF Labs’ own terminology, a not a market maker The founding partner stated that the company by confusing people he accused. Especially the DWF Labs front They present OTC transactions as if they were investments. He accused the company of increasing prices and selling at the top with such deceptive announcements:

People often think that investments are always long-term in nature, whereas if you are just trading OTC, it is a short-term trade and you cannot show it as an investment. However, if you announce it as an investment and sell immediately after the announcement, this is nothing more than manipulating prices.

Altcoin projects by DWF Labs

Market maker DWF Labs stands out with its altcoin investments. Among the projects the company has invested in so far: EOS (EOS), Synthetix (SNX), FLOKI (FLOKI), RSS3 (RSS3), CryptoGPT (GPT), Radio Caca (RACA), Conflux (CFX), Alchemy Pay (ACH) and Onomy Protocol (NOM)) is included.

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