Beyond gives Apple Vision Pro in flight!

How would you react if we told you that there was an airline offering Apple’s Vision Pro smart glasses to entertain and inspire discerning passengers? You’d probably think this news was fake, but it’s not. beyond The airline company does just that. Here are the details on the subject.

Beond offers Apple Vision Pro to high-end travelers

Beyond, is a Maldivian airline that caters to the luxury travel market. The company, which decided to offer the $ 3,500 Apple Vision Pro headset as in-flight entertainment to passengers looking for an extravagant journey, seems to stand behind the decision.

Apple’s Vision Pro is packed with the performance of a computer and features super high-resolution displays in a compact form that you can wear on your head. By placing a screen in front of each eye, Vision Pro can create stereoscopic effects and display large virtual screens that appear to be suspended in space. For example, Vision Pro can scale a video to cinema size.

beyond CEO To Tero Taskila According to Vision Pro, it will offer movies, games and “showcase the amazing resorts and activities in the Maldives.” If done well, an interactive video presentation showing off resort amenities and fun local experiences can be helpful and entertaining for travelers.

The production cost of Apple Vision Pro, sold for 100 thousand TL, has been revealed!

The production cost of Apple Vision Pro, sold for 100 thousand TL, has been revealed!

The production cost of Apple Vision Pro glasses, which Apple sells for $ 3,499, has been revealed. So how much profit does the company make?

Beond isn’t the first airline to offer an inflight XR experience. Earlier this month, Hainan Airlines partnered with Rokid to offer smart glasses to passengers. The Rokid Max is paired with a Rokid Station filled with 3D movies to pass the time on a three-hour flight.

Vision Pro requires custom fit and prescription lens attachments for an ideal experience. It’s unclear how Beond will ensure compliance with its customers. Many people also find the Vision Pro uncomfortable after using it for more than an hour, which can limit the enjoyment of watching movies in flight.

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