Battlefield 2042 Release Date May Be Postponed

Bad news for fans of the hit game series: Battlefield 2042, which is expected to be released in October, may be delayed. If the postponement rumors are true, Battlefield 2042 will be released soon with Call of Duty: Vanguard.

According to some rumors circulating, it is scheduled to be released on October 22. Battlefield 2042 deferrable; But you don’t need to panic right away because in case of a delay, the game’s release date is just a few weeks will be pushed forward.

From GamesBeat, which gave the first hint that the release of Battlefield 2042 may be delayed via Discord Jeff GrubbThese claims from ‘s have since leaked that Battlefield 2042 will be delayed for a few weeks and come out towards the end of November. Tom Henderson also supported by

The game’s developer, EA Dice, is keeping quiet:

the developer of the game EA Dice, still remains silent about the uncertainty about the release date of the open beta version of Battlefield 2042, which is scheduled for release in September; However, considering that September is only 2 weeks away and Dice’s silence, there is a delay. with a clear eye being looked after.

Battlefield 2042 vs Call of Duty: Vanguard battle will be even closer:

Call of Duty vs Battlefield

Postponing Battlefield 2042 to November means its long-time rival game series Call of Duty It means he’ll be dating soon and will piss off the competition. Call of Duty: Vanguardis scheduled to be released on November 5; that is, the same month as Battlefield 2042 is expected to be released after a possible delay.

Battlefield 5Considering that some fans of . However, while Call of Duty continues on its usual formula, Battlefield developer EA Dice is trying something new with this new game, which could be a move that will win the hearts of fans who were disappointed with the previous game.

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