Battery-powered Xiaomi Mijia Smart Curtain introduced!

xiaomi, of Mijia brand launched its new products. The company, which is one of the first names that comes to mind when it comes to smart home technologies, came up with four devices. The most notable among these, With lithium battery technology It was a smart curtain that worked. The curtain, which is controlled through the Mi Home application, also supports voice commands. You can operate remotely.

In addition Mijia Mini Massage Gun, Mijia Hanging Lamp and Mijia Graphene Smart Electric Heater was also released. All of these products are on sale in China. However, Xiaomi did not make any statements about whether it will come to other countries.

Xiaomi announced the date for the electric car

The introduction date of the Xiaomi electric car, which has been on the agenda with leaks for a while, has finally been announced.

Xiaomi smart curtain has fast charging support

According to the information transmitted by ITHome, the smart curtain is via Type-C port. Up to 27W fast charging can be done. It is underlined that it can be filled 2.5 times faster than normal charging, 6200mAh battery capacity It was also emphasized that In addition, it was underlined that it has a battery life of 6 months. in the statement “from an ultra-quiet engine” information was shared.

xiaomi smart curtain

smart curtain, Xiaomi Mijia It can be controlled remotely with the app. While in the application, you can turn the curtain on or off by swiping your finger right-left. Xiaomi’s voice assistant Xiao AI The curtain, which detects your voice commands integrated with the screen, also allows you to set the opening and closing time.

Mijia Mini Massage Gun comes with three heads

Among the products that Xiaomi offers for sale, Mijia Mini Massage Gun there is also. Offering up to 13 hours of battery life on a single charge, this product comes with a 266 mAh battery. It has been announced that the massage gun, which is presented to the user with three heads as circular, U-shaped and flat, has a silky structure. If the weight 370 grams was emphasized.

xiaomi massage gun

Mijia Mini Massage Gun, thanks to its compact structure one-handed can be used easily. The circular head is usually shoulder, waist, arm, hip and leg while being developed for large muscle groups such as; U-shaped head lower back and to the calves Appeals. The flat head helps to relax the muscles.

Mijia Pendant Lamp is designed for monitors

The hanging lamp, whose original name is “Mijia Smart Display Hanging Lamp 1S”, is a little different from the lamps we know. As it can be understood from its elongated structure, the device for use in monitors was developed. It can be attached to the top of any screen with a thickness of 0 to 32 mm and illuminates right in front of your desk.

xiaomi mijia pendant lamp

Mijia Hanging Lamp, which is said to reduce eye strain, 36 dollars (334.99 Turkish Lira according to the current exchange rate) It has a price tag. Official sales are not made in our country.

Mijia Smart Electric Heater generates heat quickly

Xiaomi’s smart electric heater, high efficiency heat conduction technology Thanks to this, it can quickly spread heat to the environment it is in. Product sold in the Chinese market 70 dollars (651 TL according to the current exchange rate) It has a price tag. You can control the heater remotely by connecting it to your smartphone.

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