Banning Password Sharing Has Helped Netflix!

Netflix has made password sharing paid in some countries in the past weeks. Today, however, it turned out that this move, which drew reaction, was beneficial for the company.

Netflix made a move a few weeks ago to upset its users in some countries such as the USA and the UK. The giant platform had restricted password sharing, which was previously free, with its decision. Users in these countries now had to pay an additional $7.99 fee to share their passwords with other users who were not from the same household.

This move of the company drew criticism from many customers. However, data shared by Antenna, a data research firm, surprisingly showed that the new move worked for Netflix.

Making password sharing for a fee has increased the number of Netflix’s subscribers!

Antenna, Netflix in the US after the new application increasing the number of subscribers says. According to the data, Netflix experienced a massive increase in subscribers in the four days after informing users about its paid sharing policy on May 23.

Netflix’s average number of recordings per day 73 thousand rose. This is higher than the previous 60-day average. 102% higher. Antenna states that it is even more than the number of subscribers collected in March and April 2020, when COVID restrictions began and people were locked in their homes. In other words, Netflix did not lose subscribers with password sharing, on the contrary, despite the reactions, it faced a significant increase and made a profit.

Of course, it’s too early to see how much of an impact the password sharing has officially had. For this, we have to wait for Netflix’s announcements about its upcoming earnings.

You can find the details of Netflix’s password sharing application below;


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