Attention to the Future of Apple’s Controversial Device, AirTag

AirTag, whose name we have heard for a while, came to the fore about its future this time. Famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that AirTag will not be the first and last device, but sales should continue to increase.

Apple’s AirTag devices have been the subject of frequent controversy since their launch last year. AirTagler, which you can use by attaching it to your key chain, wallet, purse or the collar of your naughty pets, is actually very useful at first glance looks.

However, many users are concerned about the device, saying that AirTag is used to track people. their complaints had expressed. We can say that Apple received a little more criticism and complaints than usual with these devices. However, as we said before, AirTag, which makes it very easy to find things that you do not want lost, continues to be sold a lot. So, will we see a new AirTag? The famous Ming-Chi Kuo has a rather interesting answer to this question. Let’s see together.

AirTag 2 may come if the first one’s sales don’t drop

When Apple comes up with a new iPhone model, rumors and claims about a higher model begin to show themselves in a short time. However, this was not the case with the company’s AirTag device. Although more than a year has passed since the first device was introduced, nothing has been announced about the future of AirTag. Renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo Apple has found the reason for its silence about AirTag 2 claims.

According to Kuo, Apple plans to launch an AirTag 2, but it has some goals for these plans first. Kuo stated that the sales of the first device were constantly monitored and If the increase in sales continues, we can see a new AirTag. says. In other words, if there is a decrease in sales, it may have seen Apple’s AirTag for the first and last time.


Apple Released An Update To Prevent Malicious Persons From Tracking People With AirTags

Of course, when we look at the numbers, we see that the sales of AirTag are not as high as the other devices of the company. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t sell. Apple’s It shipped 20 million AirTags last year and expects 35 million AirTags to be sold this year. it is said. As a result, while the AirTag discussions continue, Apple continues to increase the sales of the device. Kuo also states that if this increase continues, the work for a new AirTag will accelerate.

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