Attention Android users! Delete these apps immediately and change passwords

Android, owned by Google, continues to develop day by day. The popular operating system, which also has wide developer support, hosts millions of applications in the application store. However, not all of the applications in question contribute to the platform.

While some of them are just meaningless projects, some of them pose serious dangers to users. Especially applications that seem innocent but secretly steal users’ data and personal information. Finally, Google shared a list of applications that it does not find safe and should be deleted immediately.

The most dangerous Android apps

The company, which publishes a list of 150 applications, warns users. If you have downloaded any of these applications through the Play Store or third-party stores, you need to delete them immediately and change all your existing passwords. Here are the most dangerous mobile applications of the Android ecosystem…

You can find the list of all applications on page 2.

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