As Investors’ Interest Suddenly Shifted to This Altcoin, the Price Skyrocketed by 150%!

COTI Its price increased by less than 150% in the last few days, reaching $0.25. The market value was recorded as 379,920,261 dollars, with an increase of nearly 12%. The increase in transaction volume in the same period clearly shows the interest of investors in the asset. So what is the reason for this increase?

Developers recently introduced a product development update regarding Garbled circuits in an announcement published on X. In the article, we describe the new COTI V2 core protocol, which will use garbled circuit technology to increase the privacy and security of the network. introduced.

The broken circuit is a step further in securing the network between two people without revealing any personal information. The Foundation claimed that this circuit is much more advanced than previously existing privacy-preserving solutions such as ZK. 1000x faster, 100x lower latency, and 250x shorter than others.

This new development has helped COTI price rise and analysts have claimed that it could rise to $0.583 this year if the situation continues. They also pointed out the possibility of it rising to $0.789 in 2025 and that it could increase further with the development of technology.

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