Are your Facebook messages read by Netflix?- SDN

Netflix And Facebook What’s going on between? Court documents that emerged in the USA the other day shed light on the close relationship between the two companies, increasing privacy concerns. It was claimed that Netflix had the right to read Facebook users’ messages.

The documents, which are part of the antitrust case filed against Facebook’s parent company Meta, revealed the agreement between Netflix and the social media giant. Accordingly, in 2013, Netflix gained access to read the messages of some Facebook users.

Netflix provided some analytics to Facebook through its messaging reach. It addressed how users interact with content sent via Messenger. The company also allegedly examined information such as click-through rates and how often recommendations were shared.

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After this close relationship, in 2022 Facebook Watch It was stated that the platform was closed. The lawsuit alleges that Meta views Netflix as an important advertising partner and does not want to compete in the video space.

Netflix, on the other hand, significantly increased its annual ad spending on Facebook to approximately $150 million. In this period Netflix CEO Reed hastings He also served on the board of directors of Facebook.

Court filings also show that Facebook granted special access privileges to some partners, such as Netflix. It was stated that the company has this privilege due to its large advertising investments and close connections.

However, Meta said that it has standard practices with all companies. The social media giant denied claims that Netflix accessed private user messages. He also reported that Facebook Watch was closed because the expected success was not achieved.

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