Are XRP and XRPL Centralizing? Ripple Managers Respond to Discussions!

XRP Ledger and the cryptocurrency that powers it XRPA new debate has arisen regarding the centralization of This discussion has been going on for the past two days.

of Ripple former Director of Development Matt Hamilton and the company’s CTO David Schwartz counter-arguments were presented for the theses of those who doubted the situation in question.

Are XRP And XRPL Centralized?

Responding to the thesis that it is a non-revenue Blockchain, XRPL is unable to offer validators a profit, which discourages independents from joining the network.

One user said that the lack of earnings led to the lack of independent validators, which in turn threatened the takeover of XRPL by Ripple and its partners.

Hamilton acknowledged that the revenue of Blockchain is zero, which is what decentralizes it because the interests of validators and users are aligned.

As for network takeover via sub-validators, the company’s former lead developer noted that Ripple only checks the list of unique nodes (UNLs).

But if Ripple tries to get hold of other validators, other nodes will remove them from their own UNLs, he added.

Hamilton said on Twitter:

The network is decentralized and Ripple only controls its own UNL. They don’t check my UNL. They don’t check your UNL either.

Everything is decentralized.

This is a question you don’t understand. Ripple can try whatever it wants, but it will be in vain. They know this.

David Schwartz responded to another claim regarding changes that validators could try to submit to the vote.

He stated that if the validators successfully vote for a change and the nodes do not agree, they will separate from each other, meaning a bifurcation will occur.

The XRP Ledger Foundation removed the two Ripple-controlled validators and added one in early October.

Currently, Ripple is reportedly controlling 2 of 35 validators, or less than 6% of all capacity. Meanwhile, the company keeps 44 billion XRP in secure accounts.

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