Are Solana ETFs Next After Ethereum? Bloomberg Analyst Reveals His Expectations and Possible Obstacles!

in the USA spot Bitcoin ETFfinally after spot Ethereum ETF‘s were also approved. The strongest candidate as investors and the market now begin talking about the next altcoin to have an ETF Solana (LEFT) appears as.

Other than SOL among ETF candidate altcoins XRP and Litecoin (LTC) Although altcoins such as are also discussed, the strongest candidate is LEFT is seen as.

at this point Bloomberg ETF analyst James SeyffartA new post about SOL ETFs came from .

Responding to a video in which CNBC Fast Money trader and crypto investor Brian Kelly said that after Ethereum ETFs are approved by the SEC, Solana ETFs are next, Seyffart said. He said he believes the Solana ETF will see more demand than other altcoin ETFs other than Ethereum.

Although Seyffart thinks Solana ETFs will be more in demand than other altcoin ETFs Solana claimed that launching ETFs could be challenging.

Because, as with ETH, the SEC does not even discuss the status of the network’s native token, SOL. SEC’s Coinbase, Binance and Kraken Pointing out that many lawsuits filed against stock exchanges such as SOL directly classify it as a security, the analyst argued that this situation may complicate the approval process of SOL ETFs.

“A Solana ETF will occur within a few years following the establishment of a CFTC-regulated futures market based on current precedent/needs. But congressional and market structure bills like FIT21 could make this happen faster.

I think a SOL ETF would see the most demand compared to other altcoins (other than BTC and ETH)

However, the SEC does not discuss the legal status of SOL as it does with ETH.

“Solana is a security,” the SEC has clearly stated in lawsuits against Coinbase, Kraken, and others. “This could make the approval process for SOL ETFs difficult and easily a rocky road.”

*This is not investment advice.

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