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A giant step forward from Windows. Windows Photos has designed a bunch of new features to improve the user experience. An update that will introduce these brand new features is on the way. These new features remind us a bit of iPhones. With its new look, Windows Photos will now be able to catch up with Apple Photos.

Finally, Microsoft has taken the expected step in Windows Photos!

Microsoft has now listened to the users’ rebellion. Windows took action to improve the Photos application. With the new update, users will now have features such as in-depth search, blurring the background, and location search. Live photos on iPhones are among the most coveted features of Apple Photos. Windows will also add this feature to itself. It will bring life to the rather boring photo with its feature called ‘Animated Photos’.

Users will welcome the ability to blur the background. Because the background blur feature that comes with the new update; Removing backgrounds has become a blessing for users who want to highlight certain topics. In fact, this new update did not surprise users. Users could only say finally. Because these features already existed in the software ecosystem of platforms such as Apple.

Paint is evolving: Will it become a built-in Photoshop app for Windows?

Paint is evolving: Will it become a built-in Photoshop app for Windows?

Microsoft continues to prove how much importance it attaches to the Paint application. This time a new Photoshop feature has arrived!

Windows Photos is now catching up with the times. You will now be able to identify images based on the type of content within the photo. It will allow you to search based on the attributes found in the images. However, you will need to sign in to your Microsoft account to use this feature. Unfortunately, the improved search bar may not work immediately.

Among other expected features, there is also an option to remind you of your memories. There are also location searches to help you find the right image when you’re ready to plan your Instagram post. If you went to the beach, you can write the name of the beach or a specific beach, the city you visited, or just details such as home or school. This way you won’t get lost in the sea of ​​photos.

Microsoft has been making great progress lately by rolling out updates and new features across its product line. The company continues to surpass itself, first with Microsoft Edge updates and now with the renewal of Windows Photos. Additionally, the popularity of Bing AI is growing rapidly. Let’s see what innovations Microsoft will bring in the near future.

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