Apple Will Be Ahead of Its Rivals in Artificial Intelligence

It has been claimed that Apple, which wants to integrate Google’s Gemini artificial intelligence into the iPhone, will offer features that run entirely on the device.

Apple is often the company that gets involved late, but when it does, it is the company that makes the most of its name. While the company has been ridiculed for years for not taking any steps in the field of virtual reality VisionPro An example of this is the fact that we see the word Apple everywhere as soon as it is released.

It seems that the company will appear in a similar way regarding artificial intelligence. With M4 processors and iOS 18 Apple, which will take a step focused on artificial intelligence, is now here with an artificial intelligence move regarding iPhones. According to the news from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the company artificial intelligence to phones It will make an ambitious entry into the addition train.

Features that will come with Apple’s own language model will not be dependent on the cloud, but will be features that run entirely on the device.

When we look at the environment, the first thing that comes to our mind is Galaxy A.I. crashing. However, not all Galaxy AI features work on the device. There are also those connected to the cloud, and these may raise security concerns for some people. However, the advantage of this is that although the cloud-connected features are heavy, they can be easily run on the device because they are processed on the cloud.

That’s why Applemay have difficulty catching up with its competitors since it will initially run all features on the device. But Gurman also said that Apple will close the gap by obtaining licenses from artificial intelligence providers such as Google.

Roughly speaking, services running on the device security and speed services running on the cloud enable heavier operations to be carried out easily. Since it will not focus directly on cloud-based ones, it is thought that Apple will focus on how these features can affect the lives of daily users. Do you think Apple will integrate the new language model into Siri or will it come up with something new from scratch?


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