Apple saved BMW with AirTag!

According to an incident in the USA, a vehicle owner Apple AirTag for your BMW He managed to save it with. In the theft incident in California, he located the BMW without the assistance of the police. The AirTag owner confronted the thieves and found his vehicle.

A person named Philip Obando recently noticed that his BMW was stolen from in front of his house. However, Obando had hidden an AirTag in the vehicle, thinking there might be theft. Apple’s Find My app Using Obando, he was able to determine where the thief went with the BMW.

He even recorded footage from the in-car camera of the criminal smoking, sleeping and even washing the car. This both revealed the identity of the thief and made it easier to find the whereabouts of the vehicle. The user, who went to the location of the vehicle without the knowledge of the local police, scared the thief by remotely turning on the car’s horn.

NVIDIA stepped on the gas!  dominated the list

NVIDIA stepped on the gas! dominated the list

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Although Obando managed to get his car out without incident, experts said confronting the criminals could be extremely dangerous. This means that cases of theft should be left to the police. The thief also unknowingly left items such as a wallet in the vehicle, helping the police track him down.

AirTag has been used to detect theft many times before. Unless the AirTag user puts the product into Lost Mode, it is very difficult to find its owner. This makes it difficult for thieves.

Apple introduced AirTag products in 2021 to prevent the loss of valuable items. But these products have also begun to be used for children, pets or couples.

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