Apple is filing a lawsuit against Spotify!

In recent years, Spotify has filed a complaint against Apple with the European Union, stating that Apple earns unfair fees in its in-app fees and that the commissions are too high. While the company did not react to this situation, Spotify added a link to its application to the website in order to receive payments, but Apple did not accept this update and did not publish it. Now, Apple is preparing to file a lawsuit against Spotify for the penalty imposed by the EU court.

Spotify first complained about this situation in 2019 and reported Apple to the European Union. In recent months, Apple was fined 1.8 billion euros. Actually, the complaint is simple, Spotify finds the in-app payment commissions charged by Apple to be too high. The company makes these payments Basic Technology Fee It takes its name.

Apple is filing a lawsuit against Spotify.  The company was reported to the European Union for its in-app payment policies and received the necessary punishment.

According to Apple’s pricing policy, when a user subscribes to the service, the company receives a 30 percent commission from this subscription payment in the first year and 15 percent in subsequent years. According to Bloomberg, Apple is filing a lawsuit against this penalty in the European Union’s general court in Luxembourg to cancel the 1.8 billion euro penalty. The company claims that the other party is not right in the lawsuit and that there is no reliable evidence that users are harmed by App Store policies.

Decision from Apple that will anger Spotify users!Decision from Apple that will anger Spotify users!

Decision from Apple that will anger Spotify users!

Tensions have escalated again between Apple and Spotify. Apple has not agreed to an update to subscription pricing.

Previously, the company’s payment policies were stricter. At that time, Apple even banned applications from saying that payments could be made from the website. However, lawsuits filed over time and antitrust laws stopped the company from continuing this situation. In recent cases, Spotify has provided a service to its users who want to switch to Premium from within the iOS application. You can’t upgrade to Premium from within the app. We know, it’s not the ideal makes his statement.

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