Apple is Developing Its Own Artificial Intelligence Servers

It was claimed that Apple was working on artificial intelligence servers with a long-term investment.

They either set trends in the first place or join in too late and catch up with their competitors. AppleIt would not be wrong to say that , is the only company that can survive in this way. US-based technology giant, this time artificial intelligence He makes a name for himself with what he will do in his field. This habit of Apple, which is known for not jumping on opportunities unless they are solid, makes what the company will do even more a matter of curiosity.

The company will use it in new Mac models M4 It came to the fore with processors. Because it is believed that this time the chips will be artificial intelligence focused and will bring different features in this regard. On the smartphone side, the company exceeds expectations with the services that will run on the device. The allegations that have emerged now are Apple’s own artificial intelligence server processors It shows you’re working on it.

Server chips can be produced in partnership with TSMC.

According to the information shared by Weibo user named Phone Chip Expert, Apple TSMC It can produce its own 3nm special silicon chips with its partnership. If it makes this move, the company can create more powerful and efficient technologies by producing hardware that suits the needs of the software more efficiently.

In addition, although it will offer artificial intelligence features that work on the device in phones, the company will definitely offer it in the future. cloud based features Thanks to these chips, it can make it more performant.

The Weibo user in question had attracted attention with his accurate predictions in the past. Do you think it makes sense for Apple to make such a move?


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