Apple has released the iOS 15.7.9 update!

Apple will officially introduce the iPhone 15 series and iOS 17 interface at the Wonderlust event on September 12. However, with one day left until the event, an update has been released that will make iOS 15 users happy. Alright iOS 15.7.9 package What does it offer?

iOS 15.7.9 update released

Apple; iOS 17 Beta tries to keep millions of users up to date with the stable versions of iOS 16. Finally, a new package has been released for devices using iOS 15. In addition to iOS 15.7.9 in this package; iPadOS 15.7.9, macOS 12.6.9, and macOS 11.7.10 versions are also available.

We should point out that no new features are offered with the iOS 15.7.9 update. Although Apple did not share a detailed explanation, there are some suggestions for users. security vulnerabilities have been resolved is considered.

iPhone 15 and more will be introduced!  Apple Wonderlust event live broadcast!

iPhone 15 and more will be introduced! Apple Wonderlust event live broadcast!

Wonderlust, Apple’s iPhone event held every September, will take place tomorrow at 20:00. iPhone 15 event is with you.

If you are still using an iOS 15 based iPhone Settings > General > Software Update You can download the new package by following the path. If the update is not yet visible, it will be made available automatically in the next few days.

According to recent research, 81 percent of iPhone models are currently using iOS 16. The iOS 15 rate has decreased to around 15 percent. iOS 16 on iPhone 8 or later It should be noted that it is supported on devices.

Recently, all eyes have been on the iPhone 15 launch. iOS 17, iPadOS 17, iPhone 15 series and more Tuesday, September 12 Let us remind you that the event will be showcased at 20:00 Turkish time. You can watch the event in Turkish via live broadcast on ShiftDelete.Net YouTube channel.

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