Another Mystery in Cryptocurrency Market: Missing Bitcoin Millionaire Found Dead!

Bitcoin (BTC) millionaire and co-founder of the ONFO coin project, John Forsyth, who has not been heard for about a week, has been found dead.

In 2020 by Forbes “Bitcoin millionaireEarly BTC investor and co-founder of ONFO. John Forsyth On Lake Ozark in Arkansas found suspiciously dead.

Approximately no news for a week John Forsyth was last seen leaving the emergency room where he worked. Forsyth 21 Mayin Cassville, Missouri Mercy Hospital’He didn’t make it to his shift in the office and no one could reach him. On behalf of his family, Forsyth, who took action after this suspicious situation. Missing declaration gave.

His body was found 2 days after his car was found

After a week of investigations by the local police i.e. 28 May Forsyth’s car was found. personal in the car purse, telephone And brief case items such as However, after John Forsyth’s body was found in his car 2 days later about an hour south of where he was last seen an obvious gunshot wound was found in.

Initial reporting by local police your murder It was stated that it was not seen as a factor, but research was continuing. on the other hand Daily BeastSpeaking to , John’s brother, Richard Forsyth, told . he was murdered suggested. brother, brother your cell phone that you were in the car and that suspicious He said it was a situation. According to his brother’s claim, Forsyth always carrying your phone with you was one and it unusual It was a behavior.

The two brothers started the Onfo project. 2020 implemented in. 2021 until the year actively The project, which made promotions and took place on the market, after those days disappeared from the market.

A similar suspicious death was reported last April. Cash Appfounder of Bob LeeIt had come from. Lee, obvious knives He was found dead, and the police stated that an investigation was launched for a possible murder.

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