Annual Inflation in the Euro Zone Reduced Limitedly

Euro zone inflation figures, one of the most important economic data of the week, have been announced. According to the data released at 12:00 Turkey time, the annual CPI in Europe, although expected to remain stable, decreased.

According to Eurostat data, annual inflation in the Eurozone was recorded as 5.2% against the expectation of 5.3%. Markets did not expect the CPI data, which was 5.3% in July, to change for August.

The monthly price increase in Europe was 0.5% against the expectation of 0.6%. Monthly CPI was recorded as -0.1% points for July.

The core consumer inflation figure, excluding variable energy and food prices, was 5.2% annually. Lagarde, president of the European Central Bank, commented in her statement last week that further interest rate increases were possible.

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