Announced To Establish A Film Studio In Space

Film studio Space Entertainment Enterprise (SEE) has announced that it will build a platform in space. Named SEE-1, this platform will include a small movie studio in addition to sports and entertainment facilities. This studio will be available to film companies and creators.

As you can guess, at the beginning of the issues that the world cares about lately, space is coming. Countries do their best to stand out in the space league with their huge investments. However, we can say that perhaps the best works in this regard are done by Elon Musk. Musk, who is trying to develop space tourism and take people to Mars with the company named SpaceX, which he owns, is a little bit on the latest news. can get angry looks like. Because a new development can throw the shoes of Elon Musk’s projects into the check.

The movie studio Space Entertainment Enterprise (SEE) is launching a project into space. platform announced plans to build This platform will include sports and entertainment centers as well as a studio. in 2024 The project, which is planned to start serving, seems to enchant space enthusiasts as well as film companies and content producers who want to shoot in space. SEE will depend on the platform it will build on. SEE-1 announced his name.

The platform will be built by a company working for the International Space Station

According to the information obtained, the space platform named SEE-1 is a licensed company that also works for the International Space Station (ISS). Axiom Space will be produced by Making statements about the platform, one of the directors of Axiom Space, Dr. Michael Baine stated that SEE-1 will showcase the space environment in a unique way. SEE COO Richard Johnston is for incredible content thanks to this module. brand new doors will open stated.


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Developing a massive space module is no easy feat. Aware of this, Space Entertainment Enterprise is launching a special event in the near future. investment round will come out. In this investment round, the company will seek to secure financing for the construction of SEE-1. of the studio of Tom Curise Considering that he has been working on his new film to be shot in space for a while, it seems that it may not be very difficult to collect the said financing.

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