Annie CTs In Lol, All Her Talents, Strengths And Weaknesses

Summoner’s Rift’s cursed child, Annie, hides something dangerous under her cute appearance. Annie, who is wandering in the valley with her bear Tibbers, whom she never leaves her side, is definitely a character not to be taken lightly.

One of the most stable mages in League of Legends. Annie He wants to dominate the middle lane with his bear. Annie, who can adopt the role of both support and mid laner, is in a way with her crowd control, instant damage and abilities that can support her teammate. very good support can be said.

Our character, who is not bad in the middle lane, is usually not among the most preferred characters. But Annie who knows how to play is always dangerous. Because Annie is a character who can only play comfortably in the right positions, so she can create those positions herself.

CT’s to Annie:

  • talon
  • neeko
  • ziggs
  • corki
  • fizz

Annie can be quite weak against characters with higher range, especially in the assassin type and compared to her own range. In this case, for example, Talon and Fizz are Annie’s potential to escape their abilities They pose a danger to Annie as they can close distance quickly as well as possessing possessions. Neeko, Ziggs and Corki characters such as can leave Annie behind, especially in terms of range.

All of Annie's talents

All of Annie’s abilities:

  • Passive / Arsonist: After Annie uses 4 abilities, her next offensive ability will stun the target.
  • Q / Destroy: Annie sends a fireball filled with Mana; If the ball destroys the target, it regains its Mana cost.
  • W / Fire: Annie’s scorching fire damages all targets in a cone-shaped area.
  • E / Flame Shield: Grants Annie or an ally a shield and increased movement speed. Also deals damage to enemies that basic attack him.
  • R / Summon: Tibbers: Annie the bear orders Tibbers to take on flesh, dealing damage to units in the area. When attacking nearby units, Tibbers can burn them.

Strengths and weaknesses of ‘Cursed Child’ Annie:

Annie's strengths and weaknesses

Annie’s strengths:

  • Annie’s crowd control is the biggest weapon the character has. The stun from his passive combined with the massive burst damage of his ult can create a deadly move for the opponent.
  • The ability to use Q instead of a normal hit in the lane phase as you’ll regain the mana you spent if you kill anything with his Q ability.
  • In support role, he has high instant damage, as well as crowd control and ability to support his ally.

Annie’s instant damage combined with crowd control the only and deadliest weapon. Especially in the late game, you can eliminate someone in the blink of an eye. He can even inflict heavy damage to multiple people with the right use of his ultimate ability. During the lane phase, his Q mana recovery can also stay in the lane for a long time if used properly.

Annie’s weaknesses:

  • Often subjected to excessive pressure, as it lacks character in the name of mobility.
  • His lane push potential is weak compared to other mages.
  • It is true that he has a lot of instant damage, but since this is his only weapon, when his abilities are insufficient, the end is usually death.
  • Compared to many mid laners, he can be a bit dysfunctional in the late stages.

Annie, although still strong in the late stages the threat posed pales in comparison to many characters. Most characters won’t hesitate to walk up on you, especially if his passive isn’t active. In the corridor phase, there is no way to get rid of the raid outside of crowd control. ability to avoid It can be the target of too much pressure because it does not exist.

How to play Annie in LoL?

Tips for playing Annie

  • Taking good care of your passive is an important way to win over your opponent.
  • Last hit the minions with your Q to use your mana sparingly and not go back and forth all the time.
  • Make sure your passive is full when using your ultimate. Otherwise, even if your damage is enough, the enemy will have a chance to escape.
  • Make sure it’s safe around where you’re going to play very aggressive games as you don’t have anything in the name of mobility.

Annie isn’t the type to put too much pressure on her opponent in the lane. So your opponent is against you. comfortable playing available. Take advantage of this chance by throwing Tibbers at the creature’s head with your full passive. In general, if you have a plan to trade with an opposing player during the laning phase, it’s up to you to make the first move while your passive is full. extra attack chance will recognize. Although Annie is not a very good character at lane pushing, you can stay in the lane for a long time thanks to the mana that comes back from her Q ability.

How to play against Annie, how to beat Annie?

How to play against Annie

  • After Annie’s bear is summoned, she deals continuous damage around her. That’s why it’s good to keep some distance between you.
  • Although it’s not a trick that works in all conditions, you can easily kill Tibber with “Smite”, one of the magic spells.
  • When Annie’s passive is full, she’ll usually be looking to hit you and get a free trade. Do not forget to play distance to not give him this chance.
  • Since Annie is a very fragile character in the early stages and has no ability to dodge, you can dominate the lane with your jungler very easily.

Annie is one of the characters that is somewhat easy to play against. When your passive is full As long as you pay attention, a scenario where you will die easily will not happen. But if you ignore his passive, he’ll be constantly dealing free damage with his stun and eventually You’ll be done with Tibbers will look for a position. Another point you should pay attention to is team battles. While Annie is strong on solo targets, if she can hit multiple people with her bear with a loaded passive, the teamfight can end before it even starts. That’s why it’s important that you don’t go too deep in positions where team fights can start.

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