Analyst Shares What He Expects for the Coming Days in Bitcoin and Altcoins

Legendary cryptocurrency analyst il Capo of Crypto, Ethereum He shared his new predictions after the possibility of spot ETF approval became stronger and the balances in the market were upset.

The analyst stated that he had said in previous weeks that the main factor in the major rise in the Ethereum price would be the approval of Spot ETFs. According to the analyst, the probability of approval of ETFs has now reached a high level.

According to the analyst, if these ETFs are approved, his target is a rise to the all-time high for Ethereum and an additional rise in the ETH/BTC parity. il Capo stated that this scenario will allow other altcoins to make increases as well.

In addition, the analyst stated that the next elections will be more critical, and that those who follow him know that part of his portfolio is in the cryptocurrency artificial intelligence sector, especially altcoins with low market value.

The analyst added that he expects higher prices in the entire cryptocurrency market. However, he said that he will adapt to the situation if the ETH Spot ETF is rejected and the market reverses.

Bitcoin Speaking about the price, il Capo stated that he expected a correction from the current level to 69,000 dollars first, and then a jump to around 71,600 dollars.

*This is not investment advice.

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