Analyst Says “Chaos” is Needed for Price Rise in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies!

FxPro analyst Alex Kuptsikevich argued that chaos is needed in the traditional financial system for a serious price increase in Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies.

Analyst Alex Kuptsikevich In his daily note to Coindesk, he predicted a significant rise in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. in the banking sector serious things to happen to crises or on the solvency of governments to uncertainty He suggested that it was needed.

However, the recent price movements in US bonds and the growth-oriented artificial perception Arguing that it will remain just a bull trap, the analyst hinted that chaos was at the door:

These growth impulses promise to remain a bull trap and only present opportunities to sell at higher prices.

high across the US fear of inflation The experienced name emphasizes that this fear continues in the markets. to the selling pressure he pointed out. Kuptsikevich said that the markets are ready for an environment of chaos and this situation will affect cryptocurrencies. can be highlighted as a safe harbour. reminded:

Recent movements in bond markets suggest something like this is developing. At this point, all that is needed for the rise of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is financial chaos.

As the analyst noted dollar index (DXY) for 70 days while maintaining its ongoing upward trend Nasdaq And S&P 500 US stock market indices such as cannot escape the selling pressure.

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