Analyst Draws Attention To These 9 Projects That Will Be Released Soon!

Cryptocurrency Analyst Miles Deutscher said in his latest statement that some of the upcoming launches, which he thinks are important, altcoins shared and detailed.

According to Deutscher, unreleased coins may be among the best performers in the next bull market. Deutscher identified them as the next Solana or Polygon.

Layer 1s That the Analyst Draws Attention to

Top of the analyst’s list Sui Network exists. The analyst describes this unreleased coin as follows:

“Sui is a high-performance L1 that uses the Move programming language.

It was founded by former FaceBook engineers working on the now defunct Diem project.

Some consider him superior to his close relative, Aptos, who wields the Move.

Move’s advantages over other languages ​​like Solidity (memory, test speed, expressive power) make it an attractive option.

High throughput + low latency are the key features of Sui.”

Second on the analyst’s list Sei Network has:

“Sei is built on Cosmos and is the first industry-specific L1 blockchain specialized for transacting to “gave the market an edge.”

It is the first orderbook-focused L1 blockchain designed to be faster and more reliable than other blockchain types.”

Sei’s goal is to become a “Decentralized Nasdaq” by allowing smart contracts to access shared liquidity.

To me, its unique approach to addressing a particular use case makes it an exciting project to watch.”

Third on the analyst’s list Celestia includes:

“Celestia is a modular network and allows anyone to easily set up their own blockchain with minimal additional cost.

Celestia’s modular approach allows it to:

– Offers both consensus and data availability.

– Enables the use of standalone rollups.”

Fourth on the analyst’s list fuel includes:

“Fuel Labs is building Fuel, which it describes as “the world’s fastest modular execution layer.”

Modularity allows execution layers to leverage the security of Ethereum without being constrained by the limitations of EVM.

Operations are run on FuelVM, their virtual machine.”

Fifth on the analyst’s list Quai Network includes:

“Quai Network is a Layer 1 blockchain network that uses a new type combination of mining and sharding.

It is a Proof of Work network of chains organized in a hierarchical, “pyramid” structure.

One of the biggest advantages of Quai is the ease of bridging chains.

This is because of the unified mining structure that allows cross-chain contracts and asset transfers.

There are many adoption incentives as well as 5 Testnets to be launched in the lead-up to Mainnet (hence likely an airdrop).”

Layer 2s That the Analyst Draws Attention to

In the analyst’s list, on the Layer 2 side, it ranks first. zkSync includes::

“It is clear that ZK is the tool of the future in scaling Ethereum, and zkSync is at the forefront of this innovation.

Their full Mainnet has not been launched yet, but the ecosystem is already vast.”

Second on the analyst’s list StarkWare includes:

“StarkWare is an L2 scaling solution that uses STARK proofs to reduce the amount of information sent to the Ethereum blockchain and alleviate blockchain congestion.

Like zkSync, SnarkNet uses ZK-Rollup technology to achieve this.”

Third on the analyst’s list Arbitrum includes:

“Arbitrum has seen massive growth in recent months, with a total locked value of over $1 billion.

Like Optimism, Arbitrum is an Optimistic rollup.

Its tokens will be out soon and will be one of the most anticipated token launches in crypto.”

Fourth on the analyst’s list polygon developed by Hermez includes:

“Polygon recently acquired Hermez, a ZK rollup scaling solution.

They are consolidating their networks ahead of the launch of Polygon’s zkEVM Mainnet.

The primary beneficiary will be the MATIC token.”

*Not investment advice.

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