Amazon showered money on artificial intelligence company

Along with Microsoft and Google, Amazon is also entering the artificial intelligence race, one of the rapidly developing technologies of recent times. Amazon, better known as a digital marketplace, has its eyes set on another field, artificial intelligence technologies. The company has already started spending big money to achieve its goal.

Amazon printed money for artificial intelligence!

Amazon Web Services (AWS) wants to move towards leadership in the artificial intelligence race by investing $ 4 billion in OpenAI rival Anthropic. This move is seen as part of AWS’s strategy to increase its capacity to deliver advanced artificial intelligence services to its customers.

With this strategic partnership with Anthropic, AWS aims to become the “primary cloud provider” for training and deploying future AI models. This stands out as the second major investment following Amazon’s $400 million partnership with OpenAI.

Amazon reviews will now be edited with artificial intelligence!

Amazon reviews will now be edited with artificial intelligence!

Amazon will integrate an artificial intelligence system into the platform that summarizes the comments made on the platform and presents them to users.

Amazon will start its investment in Anthropic with $1.25 billion and may increase this amount to $4 billion in total. Anthropic, on the other hand, is a startup that has major supporters such as Google, Salesforce, Zoom, and Spark Capital.

Anthropic recently introduced Claude 2, the first consumer-facing chatbot available through a subscription model. Claude is guided by 10 basic principles such as justice and autonomy and stands out as being more difficult to fool than other artificial intelligence systems. Additionally, Anthropic is working on a chatbot called “Claude-Next” that is ten times more powerful than other chatbots.

The company defines itself as a responsible enterprise and continues its work in this field by collaborating with major players such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft and OpenAI. According to Amazon, Claude provides a high degree of reliability and predictability and can successfully handle complex dialogue and creative content production.

Rather than training their own AI models, AWS customers will be able to use Anthropic’s models through Amazon Bedrock. Amazon Cloud also offers its own AI applications and aims to play an important role in the AI ​​field with this new partnership.

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