Amazon Announces Text-to-Image Generation Model

Amazon announced Titan Image Generator, an artificial intelligence model that helps generate images from texts. The model, which can produce studio quality images, has an invisible watermark system.

Amazon announces more artificial intelligence-supported technologies AWS re:Invent held the 2nd session of the event. One of the technologies announced at that event was Titan Image Generator It was an artificial intelligence model named. This model To produce images from text would work.

Now we have the opportunity to learn more about Titan Image Generator. According to the statements made, Amazon’s new artificial intelligence model, a special watermark system Will have. Moreover, these watermarks will be invisible. A special API created for this will enable it to understand whether an image is produced by artificial intelligence. Moreover, the system developed by Amazon will go beyond the metadata of the created image. In other words, even if the visual codes are tampered with APIwill be able to detect the watermark.

Titan Image Generator will be able to create studio quality images

Artificial intelligence tools that can produce images from text are currently producing very high quality results. can’t produce. However, Amazon’s Titan Image Generator seems to be a little different from the others. Because, according to the company’s claim, the new model studio quality will enable the production of images. However, it must be said that Titan Image Generator is not a model suitable for the end user in its current state. Developers will need to develop tools to reach the end user on Titan Image Generator.


Amazon also explained why it created a special watermark system for Titan Image Generator. We have readers who remember; US governmentA few months ago, it came together with companies working on artificial intelligence such as Microsoft, Amazon, Meta and OpenAI and developed a platform for safe artificial intelligence. had reached an agreement. Amazon manager named Vasi Philomin, the meeting with the Biden administration within the scope of the agreement He said that such a study was carried out.

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You can watch the video prepared for Amazon Titan Image Generator below:

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