Altay Sports Club Launches Its Own Fan Token

Rising to the Super League this year and making a good start in the league, Altay Sports Club announced that it will issue its own fan token. The token, which will be issued in cooperation with the domestic cryptocurrency exchange ICRYPEX, will offer special privileges to the fans.

Today, many football clubs have entered the cryptocurrency industry with their fan (fan) tokens. Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray in our country, Paris Saint-Germain and Barcelona abroad are among the clubs that enter this sector. The last team to be thrown into the crypto money market in our country is this season. Altay Sports Club, which succeeded in promoting to the Super League it happened.

Altay Sports Club, Turkey-based cryptocurrency exchange ALTAY TOKEN in cooperation with ICRYPEX It will launch its fan token. The token, which will be available for pre-sale on September 13, will be opened for trading on September 17. The tokens, which can be purchased at advantageous prices during the pre-sale process, will be locked for 90 days. The usage areas of ALTAY TOKEN will offer some advantages to its supporters, just like other fan tokens.

What will ALTAY TOKEN, which will be produced in 1 million units, bring to the fans?

Thanks to ALTAY TOKEN, Altay Sports Club fans will be able to participate in events where the supporters can meet with the technical team and athletes, and have a place in trips to facilities, special campaigns such as jersey draws, and all other areas where the club exists. With each match won by the club, a certain amount of ALTAY TOKEN will be permanently withdrawn from circulation. If the club is the champion 1 million ALTAY TOKEN will be burned.

Fan tokens are on the rise:

Today, there are 28 fan tokens listed on the cryptocurrency market. The total market volume of these tokens has exceeded 491 million dollars. Each fan token offers special benefits to its fans within the team.