Allegations of “Sony Withdrawal from Turkey” Confused

The allegations that Sony has withdrawn from the Turkish market have caused great chaos. While Sony has not yet made an official statement on the subject, statements that include very ‘conclusive’ statements from both the defender and the denier of the allegations overlapped. We have compiled what has been shared on the subject and the information we can obtain from sources close to Sony.

The technology agenda in Turkey has been mobilized with a striking claim today. According to some claims, which are stated to be obtained from various sources, Sony has produced more than one product line. It has decided to withdraw from the Turkish market. Here are the allegations and all the information we got…

According to our internal sources, Sony will not withdraw from Turkey; at least completely…

According to our internal sources at Sony, Sony allegedly It will not withdraw completely from Turkey. The company has made an ‘optimization’ in the sound systems and television categories and will continue to provide customer services for consumers in Turkey in the coming period. So what will happen to PlayStation?

What will happen to PlayStation?

Sony’s PlayStation activities in Turkey are already managed by Sony Europe. As you know, PlayStation models are officially sold with Sony Euroasia guarantee in Turkey. According to the information conveyed by Mert Yamak from, PlayStation will be released by distributors in the coming period. importer guaranteed will continue to be sold. PlayStation digital services and The fate of PlayStation Plus sales is not yet known.

“As of April 1, do not bill PlayStation”

The user named “@hadesbacq”, who reached us on Twitter and claimed to provide internal information, wrote to us as follows:

“As of April 1, information was given to PlayStation not to issue invoices. This will be a meeting in a day or two. There is a 90% probability that the whole team is withdrawing from the Turkish market. There will be distributors, but all other activities are stopped.”

“There will be no campaign, no Turkish subtitles, no local pricing”

Why is Sony withdrawing from Turkey?

Again, according to Mert Yamak, Sony will no longer be in Turkey with different product groups. Yamak suggests that the camera group will continue its operations. Yamak underlines that his posts are ‘information’, not claims. According to the shared information, the reason for Sony’s withdrawal from Turkey is “inability to recover costs”.

Another source responsible for the sales of Sony products is Sony’s company in Turkey. having supply problems and its market share has shrunk drastically. Currency volatility and lost profitability were also cited as other factors that could cause the company to decide to withdraw.

“The Turkish office was also informed in one day”

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