Allegation that Boğaziçi was hacked after METU! Here are the details…

Our careful readers will remember that this morning we had news that Middle East Technical University was hacked. There were allegations that a group of hackers named KromSec leaked the data of METU’s faculty and students. They even shared this data on some platforms. After METU, they shared posts about Boğaziçi University being hacked in the evening. Here are the details…

KromSec claimed that Boğaziçi University was also hacked after METU!

A group of hackers named KromSec claimed that they hacked the Middle East Technical University this morning. Later, they shared data that they claimed to be METU education officials and students. Now, they made a similar post for “Boğaziçi University”.

The following statements were included in the shared message:

“Boğaziçi University is one of the best universities in Turkey. But cybersecurity and cybersecurity experts are not good. All databases of the institution, especially those of students and faculty members, were seized. Boğaziçi was Hacked! It is a known fact that we love students 🙂 For this reason, we do not share any data.”

No official authority has yet made a statement regarding the claim that Boğaziçi University was hacked/data was leaked. While wondering about expert comments on the subject, For Middle East Technical University Habib Karataş, a software developer who has made a name for himself in the data recovery industry, made the following statements:

Claim: METU data was stolen!

Claim: METU data was stolen!

A hacker group named KromSec claims to have leaked the data of METU, the best university in Turkey.

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