All Ties Between Huawei and HONOR Have Been Severed

Huawei has made a new decision regarding HONOR. Having transferred all of the registered trademarks of the company, Huawei has thus completely severed its ties with HONOR.

The US government, under Donald Trump’s administration in recent years, is a Chinese technology company. HuaweiHe had declared war on According to the government’s claim, Huawei was working and spying for China. Because of this issue, US technology giants were banned from partnering with Huawei. on the decisions taken Google Huawei, which could not cooperate with the company, suffered a great blow, especially in the smartphone industry.

One of the steps Huawei took after being in trouble due to sanctions was one of its sub-brands. HONORIt had been to sell. Huawei, which had to take such a step because it was helpless, has now officially cut off all ties with HONOR. The information contained in the database of the China Intellectual Property Administration is Huawei’s proprietary It also transferred 700 registered trademark rights. it reveals.

Transfer of registered trademarks will pave the way for HONOR

With Huawei severing all ties with HONOR, the new owner of HONOR, Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology Co.,Ltd. Ltd. it has happened. Huawei will now only be able to nominally support HONOR. He will not have the right to say anything about the company. However, this will benefit HONOR. Because HONOR is now with Huawei with the last step taken. a company with no ties.


A New Restriction Coming From The US Government To Huawei

The fact that the partnership between HONOR and Huawei has ended on paper, HONOR will delight fans an improvement. Because HONOR will be able to cooperate with Google for the smartphones it will release from now on. This is also on HONOR branded smartphones. Google Mobile ServicesIt means you can use…

An image taken from the database of the Intellectual Property Administration of China


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