algoComp’22 Applications Started

Applications for the award-winning algorithm-based software competition algoComp’22, organized by the Istanbul Technical University (ITU) ACM Student Chapter and where students from all over Turkey can participate, have started.

Organized by Istanbul Technical University (ITU) ACM Student Chapter, this year From 11 to 19 February The countdown has begun for algoComp’22, which will take place. In algoComp’22, an algorithm-based software competition, students will compete to quickly analyze a given problem and produce the most appropriate solution.

In the competition, which consists of two different stages, the pre-elimination and the final, the contestants will have to find solutions to 8-11 algorithm questions in 2 days in the pre-selection stage, which will be held between 11-13 February. Gets the most points in the shortest time 25 teams will qualify as a finalist. In the final stage, which will be held on February 19, 2022, the competitors will have to find a solution to the 8-11 algorithm questions, which are more challenging than the pre-selection stage, within 6 hours. Top scorer 5 teams will win big prizes.

Cash prizes and prizes await participants.

For algoComp’22, where you can participate individually or in teams of two or three application deadline is January 31 application will not be accepted after this date. High school, associate and undergraduate students can participate in the competition.

In the competition where surprise gifts will be given by drawing at the Zoom meeting to be held after the competition. grand prize it is as follows;

  • 5000 TL for the first place
  • 3000 TL for the second
  • Third place 2000 TL
  • Fourth place 1500 TL
  • Fifth 1000 TL

If you want to participate in algoComp’22 or check out the details of the competition, you can click here.

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