Activision Blizzard Plans to Establish a Mobile Game Store

Interesting information continues to emerge in the ongoing lawsuit between Google and Epic Games. One of this information was Activision Blizzard’s own mobile game store, which it was working on for a while.

Google with Epic Games continuing between antitrust caseIt also reveals some developments in the gaming world that we have never heard of before. One of these developments stands out as Activision Blizzard’s desire to create its own mobile game store. The gaming giant also took serious steps in this regard in 2019.

Epic Games in court, Google’s only Android He argued that he made payments to some companies in order to maintain his gaming store monopoly in the market, thus preventing the establishment of rival stores. Activision Blizzard was also cited as an example of these claims. presented as evidence Activision Blizzard internal memo According to reports, the game giant has seriously put a game store project on its agenda in order to negotiate with Google.

Activision Blizzard wanted more from the mobile gaming market

In this project called Project Boston, it is planned to quietly open an Activision Blizzard King games store for Android devices. The company can open this store itself or Epic Games or known for Clash of Clans Supercell It also evaluated the alternatives of opening a joint marketplace with companies such as. While it is planned that other game developers will also be able to publish games in this store, The commission rate is 12% It was intended to be.

ABK’s “Steam of mobileThis market, which he defines as “thus has the most affordable commission rate It would be Sunday. This store would be ported to iPhone after Android. About 70 King employees started working to open this marketplace with mobile games, especially Candy Crush.

The other plan, and apparently the main request of the ABK, is Google offers a more attractive offer was. As part of the company’s “stronger economy across mobile, YouTube, advertising, media spend and cloud” policy, the company made a deal with Google. After all, Google gave Activision Blizzard King $360 million accepted the payment. In his statement to the court, ABK CFO said that the small team they established would not be sufficient for such a project and that establishing their own marketplace was inefficient in terms of cost. Epic Games, on the other hand, argued that Google followed such an approach because it was afraid that other companies would follow this path if ABK established its own store.

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