A Water Purification Device Powered by Electricity in the Body Has Been Developed

A special water purification system has been developed that disinfects water by removing the body’s static electricity. Just a 10-minute walk cleans 500 milliliters of water.

Scientists working at Yonsei University in South Korea have determined the static effects in the human body. A device that disinfects water using electricity water purifier they developed. This water purifier may not be used during events such as combat situations or power outages. can be lifesaving.

Our bodies use different methods static can produce. The easiest way to do this is to walk. The friction that occurs while walking causes static electricity to accumulate in our body. Here is the water purifier developed in South Korea, using this static electricity disinfect water to be provides.

So how does this system work?

Scientists in the interesting project they implemented 500 milliliters They used a water bottle. Scientists placed conductive polymer electrodes inside this water bottle and added an aluminum part to the outer surface. While the aluminum functioned to transfer the static electricity accumulated in the hand and activate the polymer electrodes, the reaction occurring inside the bottle created electric fields strong enough to kill or neutralize bacteria and viruses. According to scientists, an ordinary individual only 10 minutes Taking a simple walk disinfects half a liter of water in a bottle.


Are Water Purification Devices Used by People Tired of Using Bottled Water as Innocent as They Think?

Making a statement on the subject, Sang-Woo Kim said, “Our approach to water disinfection; with underdeveloped and isolated regions in disaster areas or is of great importance for the population in areas where conflicts occur.” he said. The system that can disinfect water with the body’s static electricity Whether it will go into mass production unknown for now.

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