A Single Feather of an Extinct Bird Sold for $28 Thousand

In an auction held in New Zealand, a feather belonging to an extinct bird species was sold for 28 thousand dollars.

A people called Maori once lived on the islands that make up New Zealand today. Among the creatures considered sacred by these people was a bird called the Huia bird. Although the Huia bird species became extinct, just like the Maori people, its feathers remained. These feathers are now at auctions waiting for its buyers.

At the auction held by Webb’s Auction House, Expected to sell for 3 thousand dollars It turns out that the price of the feather increased the target price by 450%. The tribal chiefs of the indigenous people and the families of the chiefs wore these feathers in their headdresses. Additionally, these feathers could be given as gifts or used in trade.

Last seen in 1907

Huia bird last in 1907 was seen. It was stated that the Huia bird was seen 20 to 30 years after the last recorded case. However, the accuracy of these cases could not be confirmed. This small songbird, belonging to the yellow-flowered acacia bird family, was famous for its jumping skills and beautiful feathers.

In the statement made by the auction house, the condition of the feather was “Wonderful” It was stated that. The feather was recorded in the records as “taonga tuturu”. Such works can only be purchased by licensed collectors. These artifacts can only be removed from the country with the permission of the Ministry of Culture and Heritage. It is stated that the intense interest of New Zealanders has increased the prices.


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