A Photograph of a Newly Formed Star Has Been Shared

The James Webb Space Telescope observed the structure, this time standing like an hourglass in space, with a newborn star at its center.

The James Webb Space Telescope was launched into space in December 2021 and began operations this past summer. Regularly revealing the depths of the universe most advanced space telescope The new frames he took were shared today.

James Webb, this timeL1527He observed a ‘protostar’ known as the ‘protostar’ that feeds on hourglass-shaped material. The result is this stunning image showing the moments when a star is feeding off of its surrounding material during its formation process:

L1527 through the eyes of James Webb

Click to download in full size. (29.94MB)

In the photo we see above, the structures above and below the star are from feeding material is formed. The black line in the middle of the structure, which you can see when you zoom in on the photo, is the result of a disk-shaped structure made up of gas and dust spinning around the star.

L1527 protostar is among the youngest stars ever discovered. star, yet only 100,000 years old. Our star, whose energy makes life on Earth possible The sun is 4.5 billion years old.


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