A Phone Number was Sold in Dubai for 27 Million TL!

A unique sim card containing a phone number containing the number 7 was sold in Dubai for $871,412.

Dubai, the largest city of the United Arab Emirates, is engraved in everyone’s mind as it is home to rich people. Of course, when this is the case, we can see auctions in the city where hundreds of thousands of dollars are flying around.

“Unique” things, such as license plates with different numbers, can be sold for record prices in Dubai. For example, last year, a plate consisting only of the letter “P” and the number “7” was sold for millions of dollars. Now it’s not a plate, phone number at an astounding price sold.

A phone number with 7 digits “7” in it was sold for 871 thousand 412 dollars.

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As you can see in the video above, it contains 7 numbers “7”.0587777777A SIM card with the number ” was put up for auction last week. The card that attracted great attention is exactly 871 thousand 412 (27 million 844 thousand 924 TL) It found a buyer for dollars. It was not disclosed who the buyer was.

As you can imagine, this huge sale quickly became the talk of social media. While many users found it ridiculous, there were also a lot of people who made fun of it. Some even They called the number but could not reach them. he stated.

This sale in Dubai is actually part of a growing trend in the region. As we said at the beginning, some unique things, such as license plates, are sold for very large amounts of money. One among the rich status symbol It wouldn’t be wrong to guess that it is. We see from this auction that some wealthy individuals are willing to pay high amounts for such things.


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