A new era in Huawei – Honor separation!

Huawei launched Honor as its sub-brand in 2013. Honor, whose international expansion began in 2014, was operating smoothly with its parent company until 2020. Huawei, which has been affected by the US Government’s heavy sanctions against China-based technology companies, unable to withstand the pressures Sold Honor for

Currently the official owner of Honor, home to more than 30 agents and dealers. Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology Co. A consortium based in China. Although Huawei did not have a direct say in the management of its old brand, it still had ties with some of the registered sub-brands belonging to Honor. However, it turned out that these ties were completely broken.

Honor rolls up its sleeves for its own sub-brand

It has rolled up its sleeves for the Honor sub-brand, which has been operating as a sub-brand of Huawei for a long time and then sold

Huawei transfers 700 registered trademarks of Honor

Huawei in total owned by Honor 700 registered trademarks Officially transferred to Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology Co. Among these brands are those that appeal to the company’s global customers. ‘Honor Life’, ‘Honor My World’, ‘MagicBag’ names such as Thus, the consortium supports both Honor and the company. 700 sub-brands officially united under one roof.

Photo: Huawei Central

After the takeover, Honor is now fully became independent. It was expected that Honor would be exempt from heavy sanctions such as Google Mobile Services (GMS) imposed by the USA after leaving Huawei. Indeed, it really happened. Introduced on 17 June Honor 50 In the global version of the series, GMS services are running with the Android 11 operating system.

In September, it was revealed that the US Government was considering reimposing sanctions on Honor. Allegedly, the Department of Energy and the Pentagon argue that Honor should be restricted; The Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs disagree. It is stated that President Joe Biden will have the last word in the resolution that divides the American administration into two.

US did not ease Huawei restriction

There was an expectation that the US Government, which was established under the presidency of Joe Biden, could ease the sanctions against Chinese companies, especially Huawei. However, far from mitigating it, there is a way to aggravate the sanctions.

In October, Huawei-owned equipment of US-based telecommunications companies that they cannot use it even with special permission. will provide Safe Equipment Act, vote 420-4 approved. Making a statement on the subject, Republican Senator Marco Rubio expressed his thoughts. “Companies run by the Chinese state, such as Huawei and ZTE, that threaten our national security have no place in our telecommunications network.” conveyed in his words.

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