A First in the World: The Establishment Adventure of Getir Application

Nowadays, “It’s not a want, it’s a need.” Getir, which has become what they call an application, has become one of the tools that make our lives easier. Have you ever wondered the story of this application that brings all our needs, from the grocery store to the PetShop, to our door within an average of 10 minutes?

Getir, which is indispensable for us especially during the pandemic period; An initiative that has been implemented It came about when it triggered another idea. Within a few years, it spread abroad, providing many different opportunities within the application.

Getir, which has achieved great success in this short period of time and has an application on all our phones. “to the father of the idea” and let’s see together how it came to be.

Getir’s founder developed a startup idea after the age of 50.

Nazım Salur graduated from Boğaziçi University, Department of Business Administration in 1986 and to serial entrepreneurship started. At the time, it also produced office furniture; He also founded a company that brokers the sale of industrial facilities and factory production lines in America.

Later, he started to show interest in the field of technology. His first attempt in this field was in 2013. It was “BiTaksi”. He developed an application that connects passengers with taxis and introduced the credit card payment method in taxis for the first time in Turkey.

Taxi entrepreneurship led to the emergence of the Getir idea.

Nazım Salur

The application, which quickly brings together passengers and taxis, paved the way for another idea. Salur, “We can send taxis to people in 3 minutes. “If we put products in these vehicles, we can take other needed products in 10 minutes.” excited by the thought Co-founder of GittiGidiyor He told Serkan Borançılı about this idea and they set off together.

Serkan Borançılı

Getir, who came into our lives in July 2015, a first in the world It launched in Turkey and brought grocery products to consumers in a few minutes. It initially only offered delivery to users within a certain region.

Aside from the service the application provides to us, the lazy people in today’s world, its practical interface and ease of use have made the brand popular. During the pandemic period, the user rate by 60% It increased. Growing rapidly, Getir received large investments and always continued to expand.

The brand started by providing delivery only to certain regions; Over time, it spread beyond Turkey and to other countries.

meal order

Entering its 6th year, Getir started its service in London as the first stop after Turkey. In the same year It also reached Amsterdam, Berlin and Paris. Later, it also acquired BLOK, another fast grocery delivery application serving in Italy and Spain, and BLOK’s new name was Getir.

When we come to July 2023, we will come from France, Portugal and Spain. “The complex, legal environment and regulations imposed by local authorities; the company’s success It makes it harder.” They withdrew for the following reason.

Getir continued to grow by acquiring other companies.


BLOK was not the only company acquired by Getir. MOOV, the vehicle application under Anadolu Group, is also 75% share of the shares took over and Getir vehicle service was launched. In 2022, it acquired German rival Gorillas.

The company also had some agenda-setting events.

cyber attack

In early 2023, it was revealed that Getir was hacked and our data was shared with 3rd parties. The company made the above statement after admitting that a cyber attack had occurred.


Getir Explained the Behind the Scenes of the Hacking Incident: It Was Also Announced How Many People’s Data Was Seized!

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